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Available plays, classified by genre:




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Published in 4 languages.

Performers: Unspecified (At least 1 Actress - 1 Actor)

Text available in Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Basque, and Galician. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): A newly married couple enters their hotel room for their honeymoon and decide to play a very dangerous game: total honesty. He goes on to confess a secret that he never shared with anyone before. This is how she finds out that their first date, which she remembers fondly, was in fact traumatic for him: he was so nervous that he peed his pants, and the shame has been weighing on him since. This is the setting of the first of nine scenes where nine couples, wildly miscalculating consequences, reveal their more intimate secrets to each other. Perhaps all nine couples are the same couple. Perhaps they aren't. They have, however, one thing in common: the need to survive in a world that, just like them, has gone insane.


Un pie gigante los aplasta a todos



Selected for Cimientos 2019 (IATI Theater). Staged reading in Nova York. Selected for 1a convocatòria de Teatres de Proximitat. Staged reading in Barcelona, inside Grec Festival.

Performers: 2 Actresses, 1 Actor

Text available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan. 


Plot (spoilers ahead): Bruna and Alba have fallen in love. They didn't want this to happen, but it happened. Alba, however, refuses to accept it because the relationship goes against her beliefs. Therefore, she'll do whatever she can to keep herself from yielding to temptation again. Bruna, on the other hand, just assumes it is what it is. What else can they do if they love each other? Their dilemma is huge, mainly because Bruna is the grandmother of Alba, who traveled in time to meet her ancestor and now she finds herself in an impossible situation. The set is completed by the playwright himself, who obsessively narrates everything that happens, builds and destroys, and even plays a third character who interacts with both girls while at the same time asking the audience whether we are really free to choose. 

Axaxaxas Mlö


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Boom Boom Boom


Published in Catalan. Premiered in Mallorca and in Italy (Florence and Rome).

Performers: 3 Actors 

Text available in Spanish, Italian, and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): Eric, a world-renowned reggaeton singer, gives an interview just before the so-called "Concert of the Century", where the top artists of the moment get together for a unique night. Everyone is excited by the great event, which sold out in just a few seconds. Nevertheless, the journalists don't seem so happy. It doesn't take long for Eric to discover that they are not reporters, but two men who make him accountable for the idiocy of mankind, and they intend to make him pay for that. The herd is becoming more and more stupid, and people are taking increasingly worse decisions, so the singer has been chosen as a symbol of society's degradation. If Eric is not able to argue that his existence is useful for the world, he's going to be finished off. And after him, more will come.



Full lenght version of the short play that has been performed in Madrid, Málaga, San José, Valencia, Lima, and Barcelona.

Premiered in Barcelona. Premiered in Mexico City.

Performers: 1 Actress, 3 Actors 

Text available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): The Bilderberg Club may sound like something out of a conspiracy theorist's imagination, but it's real. It is formed by the 130 most powerful people on Earth (bankers, politicians, etc.) who gather once a year at a closed hotel. Rumor has it that it's there where all world events are decided: crises, wars, epidemics. And this year the meeting is attended by a new member: Carol, heiress to a family of big businessmen. It won't take long for the young lady to realize that she is not at the main meeting but at the youth section, where the children of the big tycoons train their global domination skills. But Carol doesn't accept it. She will not rest until they let her make a decision that changes the whole world forever.


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El fubol és així de gai

Premiered in Barcelona. Music by Gerard Sesé. 

Performers: 5 Actors, 2 Actresses, 4 Musicians (Not mandatory)

Text available in Spanish and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): The whole city is ecstatic when the Mercury Soccer Club signs Maxi, one of the most famous players in the world. The star lands, ready to disclose a big secret: he likes men. The club, however, forbids him to come out. The plot thickens when Cesar, the jealous deposed team star, discovers Maxi's secret and blackmails him. Opening the lid on the conversation around the taboo of homosexuality in sports, this musical satirizes the world of soccer (the press, the boilerplate soundbites, the nonsensical amounts of money involved, the egos, the corruption, and the marginalization of woman's soccer), as we'll know it from the inside. 


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Italian premiere in 2024 (Genoa National Theater).

Performers: 1 Actress, 1 Actor (+ 1 Actor & 1 Actress through audio or video)

Text available in Spanish, Italian, and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): A dining room with two characters, she and he. They look like the classic married couple, bickering all the time, but they are not even together. They actually met some hours ago and if they're sharing a room it's only because they're two souls awaiting their next reincarnation. She is due to move on soon, but she can't find a destination that satisfies her—not one affordable with the few karma points she was awarded for her good deeds. But what if she could find out who she was in her past lives, claim more points, and then merit a better reincarnation? Their memories were erased, but there are ways to get the information. And, even though they're dangerous ways, she's willing to risk everything to know what happened in her past existences.

Karma Itàlia.png



Premiered in Girona.

Performers: 3 Actresses, 2 Actors

Text available in Spanish, Italian and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): Today is Rosa's birthday, and the whole family gets together to celebrate. A retired widow, Rosa announces to their already grown-up children that she is embarking on a unique project. Instead of enrolling in college or taking a painting class like her friends do, she wants to spend her time doing something quite shocking. Rosa, who is a woman in her late sixties, has decided to have a son. And she doesn't mean adopting a child: she recently traveled to the States to have a fertilized egg implanted because she wants to give birth. The revelation stuns her relatives, who deem it a terrible idea for reasons ranging from humanitarian (Rosa will soon be too old to take care of a baby) to selfish (the inheritance is at risk). That's why Rosa's son and daughter are willing to do anything to keep her elderly mother from giving them another sibling.


Barcelona premiere in 2024 (Aquitània Teatre)

Performers: 2 Actors, 1 Actress

Text avilable in Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): Ritxi and Biel are a couple, but apart from that they have nothing in common. One of them needs constant thrills, whereas the other one only wishes for a quiet life. But there will not be quiet tonight at all, as they will be spending the night at Biel's grandma's. And that place, it is said, is a haunted house—the hangout of Asmodai, prince of demons, who appears to young men and slays them with no mercy. Ritxi doesn't believe in any of that, of course. Biel, on the other hand, is sure that Asmodai exists because his grandma saw him when she was a child and she was left traumatized. And little signals here and there indicate that Asmodai is coming back tonight. Demon or not, everything will change for them forever as they are forced to confront their own ghosts. 




Performers: 3 Actors, 3 Actresses

Text available in Spanish and Italian. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): José María leads a double life. He's got a wife and a lover. And the lover is a man. But none of this would be that meaningful if it weren't for the fact that José María is the prime minister. From a right-wing party, the stronghold of traditional values. He has been able to manage the situation quite well so far, but things get out of hand the moment his lover demands he dump his wife and marry him. José María promises he will. But just then, after a disastrous poll, members of the government seeking to satisfy their voter base ask him to ban gay marriage. And José María promises he will do that too. The PM is now trapped, so it's time for him to do what politicians do best: lie his way out of this.


Anchor 5



Premiered in Barcelona and Madrid

Performers: 1 Actress, 1 Actor

Text available in Spanish, Italian and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): He is a music star and she is a fan who wants to interview him, and maybe something more. Or that's what it looks like. Actually, that seemingly ordinary situation will turn into an epic battle where the fate of the universe will be decided. 


Todo está borroso

Premiered in Valencia, Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid. Italian premiere in 2024.

Performers: 2 Actresses, 1 Actor

Text available in Spanish, Italian and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): A lucid dream where everything is possible, without limits. However, the person who is dreaming will soon realize that the dream has a purpose: the subconscious is trying to tell them something of vital importance that must be discovered before it's too late, before waking up.


Al final todo el mundo muere

Premiered in Barcelona and Los Angeles

Performers: 1 Actress, 2 Actors

Text available in Spanish and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): Two cops investigate the terrible crime committed by a girl who swears that she comes from the future. No one can understand how this innocent lady murdered in such horribly cruel fashion a poor Austrian child by the name of Adolf Hitler. 


Dulce compañí

Premiered in Mexico City

Performers: 1 Actress, 1 Actor

Text available in Spanish and Catalan. 

Plot (spoilers ahead): A young single mother's life is saved by a guy who claims to be her guardian angel. But in order to intervene the angel had to take human form, and once this transformation has taken place there is no way back: he'll have to stay and live on Earth. With her. 

This page does not contain all of my performed works, it is just a selection. 

Check this site soon for updates.  

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