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GENOA, 2024

Karma is the second play that I wrote that will premiere in Italy. The first one was Selezione Naturale (Boom Boom Boom), in the 2022/23 season, that the company La Macchina del Suono performed in Florence and Rome, among other cities. The same director from that production, Alessandro Maggi, is now in charge of staging Karma. The text has been written since 2015, but so far was only released on a staged reading in Barcelona in 2017. It will be on at Genoa's National Theater, starring Gaia Parea and Andrea Bosca, and then it will tour in other places such as La Spezia and L'Aquila, opening again next season in big cities like Rome and Milan. 


If you want information about the plot, check the Theatrical Works section. 

Karma Itàlia.png
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