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BARCELONA, 2023-24

Fourth collaboration with the company The Feliuettes. After writing for Akelarre (show performed between 2019 and 2023, being premiered at El Maldà and eventually arriving at Teatre Condal, it ran for almost 100 performances), I just participated in a new cabaret musical show with a similar formula, but this time centered on the love topic. It is directed by Eu Manzanares and it features texts by Mireia Giró, Adriana Segurado, Laura Pau and Laia Alsina Riera, as well as the ones by the director and my own. The music is by Gerard Sesé, Ariadna Cabiró and Arnau Tordera. The play ran at El Maldà in 2023 and it's currently touring. In 2025, it will come back to Barcelona. 

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